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What Matters Most for Business Web Design in 2020?

What Matters Most for Business Web Design in 2020?

09 April 2015 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

If you look back at web design, you’re not going to be surprised by how much different it looks than modern designs. However, even if you only go back to 2005 or 2010, you will likely be surprised by the differences you see during this relatively short amount of time.

Because the Internet and the technology that drives it changes so quickly, we often don’t realize how much things evolve over the course of just a few years. This is especially true with regards to web development and design. Since many changes are done in an incremental manner, it’s something that’s not immediately apparent. But once you compare it to past designs, all the changes become very obvious.

For a long time, a common misconception about web design is that it was just about making a site look good. While the way a site looks is very important for a number of reasons, that’s just one of the components of successful web design. Because design plays an important role in how users navigate a website, it can directly affect how many leads or customers a site generates.

The design also plays an important role in SEO. And based on the changes that Google has made over the last couple of years, as well as a big update they have announced for April 21st, they’re continuing to increase the influence of web design on how well sites rank.

Mobile-Friendly Needs to Be the Top Priority for Web Design in 2020

The big update that Google recently announced for April 21st is they’re going to debut a new algorithm that specifically ranks mobile-friendly sites higher in mobile results. This means that if a site is currently ranking well but doesn’t feature a responsive design, not adapting in the coming weeks means it’s almost guaranteed to lose a major source of traffic.

If you’re wondering why Google cares about mobile so much, it’s because the amount of mobile Internet usage continues to increase. Since people are going to all kinds of sites on their phones, mobile web design is also vital for ensuring that you’re able to maximize engagement and conversions among this growing segment of users.

Since mobile really is driving the present and future online experience, this is the factor that needs to be the central focus of all web design efforts in 2020.

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