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10 Logo Design Trends To Adopt in 2014

10 Logo Design Trends To Adopt in 2014

01 February 2014 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]


Whether you need a logo for a new business you’re launching or are thinking about redesigning the logo of your existing business, being aware of the latest logo design trends is a great way to get inspiration. Since a big part of a logo is to help people remember your business, you obviously don’t want to copy exactly what another business is doing. However, by thinking about all the different trends, you should have an easier time identifying exactly what you want to accomplish with your new logo.

So if you’re ready to spend a little time thinking about logo designing, let’s look at what trends are shaping this branding component in 2014:

Line Art

Including bold straight or curved lines in designs, as well as using lines to draw letters, are both ways to create a logo that has a significant impact.

Symbols Inspired by Infinity

A symbol that has never-ending elements in it is a great option for any business that wants creativity to be part of their brand identity.

3D in 2D

For any business that’s primarily concerned about its online branding, utilizing 3D styling is a great way to really stand out from other logos.

Dual Impact

What makes this trend so interesting is by contrasting two colors against each other, it’s possible to create an effect that grabs people’s attention by making them look twice.

Negative Space

By subtracting white space inside a black shape, it’s possible to create a simple but very elegant and memorable logo.

Blending Multiple Lines

Since this approach utilizes individually emphasized lines to create shapes, it can facilitate the creation of some wonderfully detailed designs.

Geometric Abstract Polygon Styles

Although this trend sounds complicated, it simply refers to making various abstract shapes stand out within one or more areas of a logo.

Gradient Meshes

Because this technique adds both richness and depth, it’s perfect for any logo that needs to make a big splash.

Dynamic Letterpress

If you’re interested in a logo that has depth, this technique is the way to accomplish that goal.


Allowing elements of a logo to overlap each other makes it possible to add depth in a manner that’s interesting but not distracting.

Let a Graphic Design Company Take the Stress Out of This Process for You

Trying to come up with a great logo is anything but easy. And even if you have an idea in your mind, it can be difficult to translate it into an image on your screen. If you want a great logo without having to spend countless weeks or months stressing over it, all you need to do is get in touch with a logo design company. By choosing to work with a team of design professionals, you won’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed by trying to come up with a unique and meaningful logo for your business. Instead, you’ll get the perfect logo in a relatively short amount of time.

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