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What Companies Say About Web Strategy Plus

The Web Strategy Plus team is creative, efficient, and a real pleasure to work with. Their social media efforts are really paying off and we LOVE the website makeover! If you’re looking for a powerful partner to give your online presence a big-time boost, Web Strategy Plus is THE only way to go!

Raymond Stamper,
Chief Executive Officer of Pet Wow

I’ve been working with Web Strategy Plus for almost two years and they are wonderful. I have a very strong presence on social media and have picked up business in other parts of the country largely because of what they have done for us. A special shout out to Courtney who handles our account!

Ronald Cooke,
President of R & D Optical Lab
Web Strategy Plus Customer

My rankings on Google, client interactions, and revenue have all increased since working with Web Strategy Plus. My social media game is on point and I look forward to attending their training events to stay up to date. I love the fresh perspective and individual attention this team brings to my social media strategy.

Marla Cohen, LMT,
Owner, Mantra Massage & BodyWoRx LLC
Web Strategy Plus Customer

I just began working with Web Strategy Plus and am highly impressed with their knowledge of how social media works for your business. Trying to manage social media on your own as a business owner is overwhelming. Having professionals there for you with a plan for keeping up with the times is a Godsend!

Kimberly Muhlenkamp D.C.,
Chiropractor at Live Well Chiropractic
Web Strategy Plus Customer

I attended a Social Media Certification class with Michelle and Wow! I can’t believe how much I learned. And no time was wasted learning stuff that would be of little use. The class gave me all the tips, techniques, tools and practice that I needed. I left the class and immediately set up a social media campaign. What I really appreciated was the time spent making sure we understood the markets that each social media platform best serves. Having a clear picture on that enabled me to avoid putting the time in platforms that my targeted market most likely does not engage. All social media is not all things to all people. What a strategic lesson to learn.

Doyline Williams,
Leadership Ohio, President
Web Strategy Plus Customer

A great company with a great leader in Michelle. Web Strategy Plus has helped us grow significantly on all our social media platforms. As a small business owner, I don’t have time to manage my social media and online marketing needs. Web Strategy Plus is a key member of my team that has helped us grow significantly on all our platforms expanding our gourmet brand. Our community manager has been outstanding with a monthly organized calendar and creative posts customized to our needs. I cannot give a higher recommendation for their amazing work and professionalism!

Gregory Flasch,
Mama Flasch's Gourmet Kitchen
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Web Strategy Plus is great to work with. They really know what they are talking about and have a passion for what they do. I was blown away the first time I met the team and by how much they knew not to mention they are very courteous and personable. All of my projects were done either before the deadline set or were right on time. I would definitely hire Web Strategy Plus again in the future!

Mike Seta,
Owner of Transform U Fitness
Will Shuck

Web Strategy Plus is an excellent company with top-notch professionals. Trust Web Strategy Plus for your website design, social media management, and all your other online marketing needs.

Will Shuck,
Schuckspeare Publishing
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Michelle Hummel and her company, Web Strategy Plus, know social media inside and out. Not only is she skilled in her field, Michelle Hummel’s ability to educate others about this subject is extraordinary. She simplifies complex topics so that even the novice can understand and implement. Having spoken at one of Ms. Hummel’s events, I also know that she is a pleasure with whom to work.

Kay Fittes,
High-Heeled Success, LLC
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Our Community Manager at Web Strategy Plus has been awesome to work! The blogs have been spot on with vital information for parents.  They have posted pictures of our new staff members and events in a timely fashion.  They communicate with us frequently to stay on top of all our events. The Facebook page is always sure to be current. They post pertinent information on our website as well.  They have been a huge asset to our marketing through social media! Best of all we love their creativity!

Greg and Gail Davis,
Owners of All About Kids Childcare and Learning Center Franchise
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Michelle and the Web Strategy Plus team are very professional and knowledgeable. I would work with them again.

Angela Harner,
Assistant Brand Manager at RCL Benziger, a Kendall Hunt Company
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Michelle and her team at Web Strategy Plus are digital experts. They are a master at navigating the constantly changing digital environment to leverage benefit for clients. Their proven results speak for themselves.

Matthew Kennedy,
CEO at Kennedy Consultants
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Michelle is one of the best in the business and she gives back so much to her communities. She is one of the most successful women that I have followed on LinkedIn.

Chris Wainscot,
The Innovation Institute
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Michelle and her team at Web Strategy Plus are go-getters who will supercharge your web strategy! Their creativity and depth of knowledge set them apart in the field of social media marketing.

Brian Rivers,
Owner of Rivers Music
Web Strategy Plus Customer

The team at Web Strategy Plus are helping us successfully move forward with our social media marketing. They keep us advised on all the best possible ways to share what our company can do for businesses in our area.

Nicole Haake,
Owner, Reliance Technology Solutions
Web Strategy Plus Customer

I attended a Social Media Certification class taught by Michelle and it was well worth the investment – she is an excellent trainer. We’ve already built our social media strategy for the entire season and finally feel like we can manage it effectively.

Mark Bersani,
Owner of Loveland Canoe and Kayak
Web Strategy Plus Customer

I recently attended a workshop through SCORE on social media. Michelle did a great job of explaining the various applications to help identify the best platforms for my business. I felt much more confident about using social media after attending her class. She is very knowledgeable about Web Strategies and does an amazing job of helping businesses with the ins and outs of using social media. She understands how to use digital marketing to drive people to your website and do business with a wide number of targeted customers.

Bonnie Arend,
Owner/Market Design Specialist at Home Styling by Design LLC
Web Strategy Plus Customer

To say that the service I’ve experienced with Web Strategy Plus is excellent is somewhat of an understatement. The website that has been created is dynamic, eye-catching, and very professional. The meticulous research that is ongoing which creates and informs my blogs is very impressive. They make very intelligent choices for social postings. I should like to recommend Web Strategy Plus to anyone who needs to create a dynamic web presence. It hadn’t occurred to me that all of their services can be entwined in such a way thereby encouraging a prospective buyer to see my business. If you read the blogs, you are on the website, where you can link to absolutely everywhere else where my business has a presence. Likewise, if you’re on Twitter you can link to everywhere else. You get the picture. To conclude I think it would be very difficult to find a company that would be as interested in the client experience as much as the team is at Web Strategy Plus.

Wayne Carlsen,
Owner of Nuovo Music
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Michelle is a pleasure to work with! She continuously put media plans together so that it would be results driven for my clients. Her number one concern is her clients. Because of her in depth knowledge about the industry, she is a great resource to have on your side!

Sara Moon,
Marketing Manager at WNKU Radio
Web Strategy Plus Customer

I am excited about all I learned about social media marketing through the Web Strategy Plus team! They are extremely knowledgeable and patient. Their experience and insight on social media strategy and trends has been valuable to our digital marketing strategy. Through the training, they provide a great balance of creative ideas and proven strategies for success

Sara Cullin,
Rumpke, Social Media Strategist
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Web Strategy Plus guides our company through the social media maze with experience, expertise and strong organization. They work hard to cover the broad-brush exposure and manage the little details. They put in exceptional effort to stay current on our business and recommend emerging activities to help create and maintain connections throughout our market. Did I mention they work hard? I’m glad Web Strategy Plus helps push our company messages out to our audience

Russ Beymer,
Owner of New Home Marketing Services
Web Strategy Plus Customer

The Web Strategy Plus team is very innovative and creative with excellent project management skills and a strong networking framework

Mark Leon,
Sourcing Executive Kenexa, an IBM Company
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Michelle,CEO of Web Strategy Plus, is extremely talented in the Social Media Marketing space… she REALLY knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with!

Marci Rosenblum,
President at INTEGRATE it Media Group
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Web Strategy plus is an integral part of our social media strategy. Their knowledge of social media technologies and the ability to integrate various social media channels into a coherent strategy are critical to the success of our B2B messaging efforts. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they also take the time to explain what’s happening with our social media messaging and incorporates our feedback in their subsequent work. They are always available to us for immediate consultation, and they are committed to timely turnaround. I would highly recommend their services

Kevin Wilzbach,
Owner of New Home Marketing Services
Web Strategy Plus Customer

If you are bewildered and in need of someone to help you professionally navigate the maze of social media marketing or if you merely have some questions about what Web Media Solutions can do for your business, reach out and be prepared to learn and be amazed

John Fallone,
Founder of Training Guru
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Michelle, the CEO of Web Strategy Plus, is Ms. Social Media in this town. Her presence is everywhere and her product knowledge is unmatched. I’ve had the privilege of being through her entire 101 training series on Social Media Strategy. I would highly recommend her products and services if you’re striving for greater traction with your social media efforts

Jim Sutter,
DVP Multimedia, Web Design & Video
Web Strategy Plus Customer

The Web Strategy Plus CEO Michelle is an amazing & talented entrepreneur. She is a renaissance woman. We have contracted her teams services for the Web Success Team

Janette Speyer,
CEO of Web Success Team
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Web Strategy Plus has done a great job in keeping us up to date and in the game. Being a small company, we do not have the staff to handle all of the activity necessary for a great social media presence. They build our image as a bigger company, so we can play on a more even field. I don’t have the time to stay current with all the opportunities for marketing our company – they are on top of the technology and systems for building our brand. They have surpassed all goals we set. I would highly recommend the Web Strategy Plus team!

Henrietta Nye,
CEO of Keir Success
Web Strategy Plus Customer

They gave me the advice and information I needed to build my Social and Professional Networks at an accelerated growth rate. The recommendations saved me valuable time, decreased my expenses and greatly increased my efficiency

Dr. Joseph Sheppard,
Owner of Sheppard Chiropractic
Web Strategy Plus Customer

It’s an absolute pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Web Strategy Plus. Last year, I decided to hire a social media manager, and interviewed several people for the position. This was an important decision, as this person would help mold my company’s image. I knew I had a winner from the moment I spoke with their team. They showed a genuine interest in my needs. I enthusiastically hired them, and was eager to see what results they could produce.

I immediately saw the return on my investment, and it was clear by the first month that I had made the right decision. The Web Strategy Plus team is competent in their field, and they go above and beyond to make sure that my company’s needs are met. They are very accessible, and gets things handled for me in the most timely fashion. Their service is truly second to none!

Cliff Rice,
CEO of C. Rice Global, Sales Trainer
Web Strategy Plus Customer

I’m recommending Web Strategy Plus for their continued work in providing clients with the highest level of social media training, digital marketing information, web strategies, and by helping clients drive leads to their business. I highly recommend you engage with Web Strategy Plus on your next project

Brandon Schaefer,
Owner of 90DayEntrepreneur
Web Strategy Plus Customer

The Web Strategy Plus team has been a dream to work with as our Social Media Management Company! They are very quick to respond, reliable and they always have great ideas. I wish all my points of contact for our business accounts were as easy to work with. Two thumbs up to the Web Strategy Plus team!

Dawn Donaldson,
Owner of Dog Day Every Day
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Web Strategy Plus does a great job of handling all of our social media pages for both businesses, Pet Wants and USA Collision Centers.  Our Community Manager provides great content and interesting articles. The team is always extremely helpful and goes out of their way to help anytime we have had any questions or need help. We love the Web Strategy Plus team!

Laurie Sanfillipo,
Owner of Pet Wants Cincy West and USA Collision Centers
Web Strategy Plus Customer

My business increased dramatically since using Web Strategy Plus. I would recommend them to all my clients in the future. Michelle and her team have been wonderful in helping us with all of our online marketing needs. As an accounting firm our online presence has proven to be an invaluable resource and we wouldn’t be able to manage it without Web Strategy Plus. Our website looks extremely professional and our social media is continually updated. I highly recommend their services!

Duane Donohoo,
Owner of Donohoo Accounting and Alpha Tax Services
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Outstanding! Michelle presented a very well organized and informative lunch and learn presentation. I would highly recommend Web Strategy Plus!

Dawn Fickel,
Turning Point Estate and Tag Sales
Web Strategy Plus Customer

The Web Strategy Plus team are social media marketing impresarios. They have always impressed me as a group that makes things happen

Paul Chaney,
Author of “The Digital Handshake”
Web Strategy Plus Customer

The Web Strategy Plus team is amazing! Their expertise and passion coupled with their extensive knowledge has really moved our business forward. Their timeliness, attention to detail and responsiveness has made collaborating with them a pleasure. They have truly been an asset to our business

Eva Lewandowski,
Life Coach at Corporate Talk
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Web Strategy Plus has brought our Business forward far exceeding our expectations. Our Business has become their Business. Their knowledge, insight and ability to connect with our target audience thru social media on a consistent basis is very impressive. They utilize every tool, are fast as lightning and also a true expert at analyzing the results metrics. Their team is the best Social Media Management company anyone could ever partner with

Charles Lobosco,
CEO of The Vision Op Group
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Web Strategy Plus not only excels at execution and planning but is also willing and able to explain social media and how it works when I have a bunch of questions. I really appreciate their efforts and constant communication. They operate like they are working with you, not for you. I would highly recommend their team

Jermaine Carter,
Maximum Business Potential
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Michelle and her team are incredible. If you are in business, you need to get your social media game on and you need them on your team

Leslie Anderson-Ford,
Legal Shield
Web Strategy Plus Customer

The Web Strategy Plus training was excellent! Michelle gave a complete description of the benefits of social media, and many ways to increase our soft sales and web presence

Victoria Murray,
InBox Virtual Assistants
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Michelle is detail-oriented and always providing suggestions for our website. She is a very hard worker and dedicated to her task

Laura Arand, Sr. Ecommerce Product Manager,
HSNi - Cornerstone Brands Inc.
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Michelle, CEO of Web Strategy Plus, is a pleasure to work with! She is always considerate of others, regardless of her work load or obligations, and is known as someone who will go out of her way to help a client solve a problem or resolve an issue. Michelle is someone I would gladly work with again!

John Poole, CRPC,
Veritas Consulting
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Web Strategy Plus has been great to work with for our online ads. They’ve been helpful in making recommendations relevant to our needs and great with follow up

Ashley Martin,
Communications Specialist, Assured Neace Lukens
Web Strategy Plus Customer

The Web Strategy Plus team is extremely knowledgeable about online advertising and how to execute online applications and campaigns. I relied on them to create proposals and introduce clients to new media. Her strong attention to detail and creating revenue by assisting clients with online needs make them a true asset

Lauren Quill,
Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center
Web Strategy Plus Customer

The Web Strategy Plus team is always professional & personable. I really love doing business with them, they are efficient, effective and economical. I highly recommend them! and after using their services, you would too!

William Malarkey,
Owner at IBuzzPro
Web Strategy Plus Customer

Web Strategy Plus  stands out from the crowd of social media “experts.” I have been positively impressed with every encounter with this real net pro team

Buddy Hodges,
Owner of Florida House Hunters Inc
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