WordPress Multisite and franchises are a great fit. Franchising continues to be a great way for businesses to grow and entrepreneurs to align their resources with the right opportunity. While franchising can work across many different industries, you will see some common threads with all of them. One of those threads is the need for a strong online presence. Because so much of people’s daily activity now takes place online, having an optimized marketing strategy across all major online channels is almost always a necessity for consistent growth.

A big part of why online marketing can seem intimidating stems from all the different channels you have to address. Another issue is how quickly the online landscape continues to evolve. The good news is an experienced franchise marketing consultant can help you navigate all of these challenges. A big part of getting the most out of online marketing is having a central hub for all your efforts. Since you have complete control over it, a website is the central hub we always recommend.

Given all the different technologies that are now online and the many different devices people use to look at content, creating a great site can be quite the undertaking. Things can get even more challenging when you’re dealing with multiple locations for a business that’s being franchised. Fortunately, thanks to our experience working with franchisors and franchisees, my team and I are experts at utilizing WordPress Multisites for franchise businesses.

The Many Benefits of WordPress Multisite for Franchises

WordPress is a content management system that powers nearly one-third of all websites on the Internet. WordPress has grown into such a dominant platform thanks to its flexibility and rich ecosystem. From standalone blogs to Fortune 500 company websites, WordPress can accomplish just about anything that a business needs to do online.

The functionality and flexibility of WordPress applies directly to franchise businesses. By taking advantage of WordPress Multisite, it’s possible to create a unified destination for your brand online, along with dedicated sites for every franchise location.

One of the great things about using WordPress Multisite for a franchise business is it makes it easy to keep a consistent brand image across all the locations. It also greatly streamlines the maintenance and administration of all the different sites. Using WordPress Multisite makes it possible for every franchise owner to have access to a powerful set of online marketing tools.

While WordPress is a very user-friendly content management system, getting it properly set up and optimized does involve some technical hurdles. If you’re interested in learning more about how this platform can help your franchise operation thrive online, contact us today so we can discuss this topic in detail.

Having a Mobile Friendly Website is No Longer Optional

The original iPhone was released on June 29th, 2007. Although the iPhone was far from being the first mobile device, it did change the mobile landscape forever. Prior to the iPhone, using the Internet away from a desktop or laptop was limited to watered-down webpages that rendered as text. But because the iPhone included a full online browsing experience through Safari, it kicked off an explosion in the mobile web.

Mobile’s Evolution Over the Last 9 Years

While the mobile web as we know it today is less than a decade old, it’s already gone through several evolutions. The first was the app gold rush. In addition to the Safari browser, Apple also launched the idea of apps with their device. This led to developers and businesses rushing to create apps. However, it became clear that most people don’t want to use a dedicated app for every business they’re interested in. This is supported by recent research which shows that most people use less than a half dozen apps on a regular basis.

Since it doesn’t make sense for most small to medium businesses to have a dedicated app, there was also a time during the last nine years when the focus was on having a separate mobile website. The reason that trend has come and gone is there were several major problems. Not only did it create an often frustrating experience for website visitors, but it also required businesses to manage two different websites.

Why Responsive Design is The Best Solution to Mobile

Multiple studies have confirmed that mobile is now the most common way that people of all ages search online and visit websites. So even though it doesn’t make sense for most businesses to have an app or separate mobile version of their website, having an optimized mobile presence is a MUST!

The option that has emerged as the best mobile solution for businesses is responsive website design. With this approach, a website will automatically resize to a screen of any size. That means a site will load quickly, look great and offer full functionality on any mobile device, tablet or standard computer. And unlike the previous approach of having two versions of a website, responsive design is done through one set of code, which makes it very easy to manage.

How do you know if your current website has an optimized responsive design and is fully mobile friendly? The best way is to use Google’s free mobile friendly test tool.

What If You Don’t Pass the Mobile Friendly Test?

If you don’t pass Google’s test, it almost guarantees that your site isn’t ranking as well as it should for mobile searches. It also means that visitors who do come to your site via a mobile device are more likely to abandon it due to a less than optimal experience.

Since those issues mean your business is missing out on potential revenue every day, you need to fix them as soon as possible. That’s where Web Strategy Plus can help. With our responsive web design services, we can fully update to your site to ensure it’s completely mobile friendly.

To get your site’s mobile problem solved as soon as possible, contact us now for a free consultation and quote!

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The Web Strategy Plus training was excellent! Michelle gave a complete description of the benefits of social media, and many ways to increase our soft sales and web presence.

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Shares for FB videos

If you heard someone talking about an online platform where over one hundred million hours of videos are watched every day, there’s a good chance you would assume they were talking about YouTube. While that’s a completely reasonable guess, it’s surprisingly not the answer. Thanks to Facebook’s focus on video over the last couple of years, they’re now a platform that’s responsible for all that video consumption every single day.

Given that people are already watching so much video on Facebook, it makes sense to use this specific type of content to promote your business. So whether you’ve already tried publishing some videos on Facebook or are interested in adding this type of content to your strategy throughout the rest of the year, we have five proven tips that will help you get more views, engagement, and shares on every Facebook video you publish:

  1. IMMEDIATELY Grab People’s Attention


There’s a lot of video content on Facebook, which means you need to take a few steps to ensure people pay attention to yours. Using a great thumbnail, teasing the video with a short post update and starting immediately will give your video the best chance of succeeding.

  1. Make the Title Descriptive


Facebook users don’t rely solely on their feed to find great content. There are over two billion searches a day on Facebook, which means people are typing in exactly what they want. By writing descriptive titles for your videos, you can get in front of interested searchers.

  1. Focus on 1 Main Point


One of the traits that set really successful videos apart from others is they get shared a lot. By focusing each of your videos on one main point, you will increase the likelihood of people sharing it. That’s because having the main point will make it easy for people to explain to others why they’re sharing it with them.

  1. End with a Call to Action


Engagement is all about taking action, which is what you want to encourage people who watch your video to do. You can use your post copy, a spot during the video and/or the end of the video to give viewers a call to action.

  1. Use Facebook Ads


There was a time when all activity on Facebook was organic. However, those days are long gone. So even though following the above tips is a great way to maximize the organic reach of your posts, giving your videos an extra push through Facebook Ads can work very well. Because Facebook does want lots of video content, the additional reach you can get with even a small budget is quite good.

For even more help creating a highly effective Facebook marketing strategy in 2017, take a look at the expert social media marketing services offered by Web Strategy Plus.

Facebook Shop

As people continue to spend more of their time online directly on Facebook, it makes sense to provide a variety of ways for your target customers to interact with your business on this platform. The specific interaction we want to focus on in this post is selling products directly through your Facebook page. Whether you’re already getting some sales but want more or are new to the idea of this type of selling, we’ve got five actionable tips to ensure your page is optimized:

1. Be Sure You Have the Right Page Type and Category


Facebook provides a variety of page templates for different types of businesses. Their current options are services, shopping, business, politicians, venues, nonprofits and restaurants & cafes. Choosing the category that best matches your business will give you a template that Facebook has optimized based on the incredible amount of data the platform collects. While the services and shopping templates already include a shop section, you can add this section to any template by clicking Edit Page, scrolling down and then clicking the Add a Tab button.

2. Optimize Your Call to Action Button


The call to action button you use will directly affect how potential customers interact with your Facebook page. You can choose from a wide variety of CTA buttons. As a rule of thumb, if the analytics data from your website shows that many customers buy after just one or two visits, it makes sense to use the Shop Now button. But if you have a higher-priced product that tends to require some consultative selling, Learn More or Get in Touch are the two best options for getting people into your sales pipeline.

3. Fill Out Your Shop


Just as an empty website isn’t going to do much for your bottom line, you need to have your Facebook shop fully filled out for people to take notice. You’ll want to do this by taking the time to add multiple photos for each of your products, along with having a great description. The other decision you need to make is whether you want customers to check out on your website or Facebook. While many businesses default to the former, it’s worth at least running a test to see if letting customers check out directly on Facebook has a positive impact on your conversion rate.

4. Regularly Tag Your Products


One of the really cool things about selling through your Facebook page is you can tag photos with the product they feature. Since this is a great way to drive people to your store, be sure to make tagging a standard part of your workflow.

5. Let Customers Leave Reviews


Social proof is one of the most important elements for establishing the level of trust that someone needs to make a purchase from you. Letting customers leave reviews directly on your Facebook page is an easy and effective way to get this social proof. If you don’t currently have many reviews, you can build them up by emailing some of your top customers and asking them to leave a review directly on Facebook.

If you want expert help implementing these tips or would like additional guidance with your Facebook efforts, be sure to take a look at our social media optimization services.

Web Design

The Internet is a place that’s always changing and evolving. As a business owner, you want to keep your website up to date. Not only is this important for potential customers’ perception of your business, but also to help with marketing. For example, as more searches have shifted to mobile devices, Google has adjusted their algorithm to reward sites that load quickly and work properly on those devices. Businesses that haven’t kept their sites up to date are missing out on a very important marketing channel.

Since the above issue is just one example of why web design trends matter a lot, we want to highlight five of the most notable for 2017:


There was a time when many design trends revolved around utilizing lots of flashy elements to make sites highly interactive. While it’s still important to have an engaging design, huge platforms like Facebook have set people’s expectations with modern but understated design. Since content is what people truly care about on social media, as well as when they visit individual websites, it’s important for design to play a supporting role that makes it easy for content to be consumed on devices of all sizes.


In the past, it was often quite challenging to support anything other than very basic typography across different devices and operating systems. But thanks to advancements in technologies like CSS and web fonts, it’s now possible to create a consistent experience with custom fonts. By emphasizing typography, a business can establish strong brand recognition online.

Plenty of Color

As you may have noticed from what we’ve covered so far, a lot of the current trends in web design are driven by using fewer elements but making the most of every one that is used. This can be seen in how color is being used. Instead of the muted palettes that became quite common several years ago, many current designs are using strategic pops of color to grab people’s attention and strengthen brand recognition.

Focus on Conversions

At Web Strategy Plus, we’ve always approached web design and development from the perspective of accomplishing business goals. More people are starting to understand the importance of using design as a conversion tool, which we’re very happy to see.


Given all the content that bombards people whenever they pull out their phone or open their laptop, it’s easy for marketing messages to get lost in the noise. One way that businesses are trying to combat this is using design as a way to weave compelling narratives throughout entire websites.

If going over the trends above reminded you that your business website is in need of an update, be sure to take a look at how we can help you execute a successful website redesign.

Website strategy

If you want your website to be as compelling as possible to the people who visit it, images need to be a part of your overall website strategy. Once you start thinking about this aspect of your website, it’s important to understand that not all images are equal. A common mistake both business owners and web designers make is going with the first image that looks good to them. Even though this may ultimately be better than not having any images on a website, this type of selection is unlikely to maximize the effectiveness of those images. To get the best results from the images you add to your website, it’s vital to take a few different factors into account:

Identifying a Purpose

When you start thinking about adding an image to any page on your website, you’ll want to think about the purpose that image should serve. This is because the style of image you choose for a sales page may be completely different from an informational blog post. Different content serves different purposes, which is something your website’s image strategy should reflect.

Additional Search Engine Traffic

The ability of images to send additional search engine traffic is something that’s commonly overlooked. By giving your images a descriptive filename and alt tag, you can help them rank well in Google Images and then get targeted visits from people searching for relevant terms.

Social Media Sharing

You’ve probably read about the importance of writing great headlines for the content you publish. The reason headlines matter so much is even if you have a great post or another piece of content, it’s not going to grab people’s attention without a great headline. That means fewer clicks on your site, as well as fewer shares on social media. The same concept applies to images. Complementing a piece of content with a great image will noticeably boost how well it performs on social media.

Don’t Forget to Optimize

While there are a lot of good things to say about strategic image selection for websites, there is one big potential downside. The file size of images can be quite large. If this type of image isn’t optimized by compressing its size, it can significantly increase how long it takes a website to load. And because speed is something that’s very important to Google, a website which takes longer than average to load may be ranked lower in Google’s results.

By incorporating images into your website strategy and thinking through the issues we covered above, you’ll be able to make your site even more compelling. And for help with any aspect of your website’s design, contact Web Strategy Plus for expert service.


Over the years, search engine optimization has been described in many different ways. But at its core, SEO is simply a way to help your website show up near the top of Google and Bing for relevant searches. While there are individuals and companies that engage in SEO practices specifically prohibited by Google, the type of search engine optimization Web Strategy Plus does for all of its clients is in full compliance with Google’s guidelines.

To get a better understanding of what exactly goes into search engine optimization, we want to highlight several of the key building blocks of this practice:

1. Strategy

Successful search engine optimization requires an investment of time and resources. That’s why it’s very important to start with a well-developed strategy. By thinking through issues like which keywords are going to bring in actual leads or customers, you can ensure that the investments you make in SEO will help move the needle for your investment.

2. On-Page Optimization

Since your business website is the foundation of all SEO efforts, it’s important to have it fully optimized. In addition to things like using the right keywords in your H1 tags, you also need to address any technical issues. Specifically, Google has placed a lot of emphasis on page speed and mobile friendliness in recent years. Having a site that’s slow or doesn’t load easily on devices with smaller screens will hamper all of your SEO efforts.

3. Content

Related to on-page optimization, regularly publishing quality content is essential for helping to rank for all the keywords that are relevant to your business. The type of content you publish will likely be a mixture of blog posts and landing pages. Utilizing SEO strategies like internal linking will help maximize the rankings of these pages.

4. Links

Google still relies on links from other websites to determine popularity. However, link building can easily go wrong when people do things like focusing on quantity instead of quality. And it’s also important to understand that the optimal approach to link building for a local business website will differ from a site that’s trying to rank for more generic terms.

5. Data

Ranking data is important for seeing how a website is advancing on target search engine results pages. But it’s also important to go beyond that and look at analytics data like average page views. Seeing this information will help confirm if the pages that are ranking highly are actually providing visitors with what they’re searching for.

There’s a lot that goes into developing and executing a successful SEO strategy. If you want to ensure that you have a knowledgeable professional on your side to help with all of this work, you can easily learn more about how Web Strategy Plus approaches search engine optimization.

4 Essential Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing in 2017


Although people are spending more time than ever on social media, that doesn’t mean reaching potential customers through social is easy. The reason it’s actually quite challenging for a business to stand out on any social platform is there’s a lot of noise and competition. Since publishers and businesses across countless industries have realized the opportunity that social media presents, simply posting a few links every now and then on a profile isn’t going to generate meaningful traction.
If you want to get real results from social media, it’s important to take a strategic approach. That’s why we want to share four tips that can help you maximize the effectiveness of the time you put into social media:

1. Less is More

While you want to grab people’s attention on social media, what you don’t want to do is overwhelm them with a post that resembles a wall of text. People like social media posts that are short and sweet, which is why research has found that shorter posts can increase engagement by up to 86%. Although fitting everything you want to communicate into fewer words can be a challenge, making this a priority is a proven way to improve your social media marketing efforts.

2. Curate

It’s always helpful to think of social media as a cocktail party. When you’re in this kind of setting, you generally don’t want to be around someone who only talks about themselves. Instead, you want to be around someone who has a lot of interesting things to say and is also happy to listen. You can give your business this kind of personality on social by curating. While it’s fine to periodically promote your business, focusing on sharing content that will provide value to the types of people you want to reach will help draw them to you.

3. Use Images and Videos

Images provide a great way to grab people’s attention without typing a single word. And because all of the major social media platforms have made significant investments in video, it’s definitely worth trying to incorporate video into your overall social media marketing strategy.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Share More Than Once

When a business begins getting active on social media for the first time, it’s generally not hard for them to come up with interesting content to share. But as time goes on, it’s normal to hit points where you feel like you’re out of fresh ideas. The good news is there’s nothing wrong with sharing great posts more than once. In fact, because it’s common for only a small percentage of followers to see any one post, sharing more than once will ensure you get the most value out of your best posts.
If you want to implement these and many other strategic tips, contact us to discuss how we can take your social media marketing to the next level.

Twitter Editing


Although millions of people are using Twitter at any time of the day and the platform continues to be a powerful marketing channel for businesses of all sizes, the company itself seems to be stuck in a perpetual identity-crisis. Despite generating quite a bit of revenue and getting public feedback from passionate users, the company always seems to have a hard time setting a strategic course.

While Google is known for throwing all kinds of things against the wall and then not hesitating to kill off the ones that don’t work, Twitter has a tendency to over analyze their next move. This has caused them to fall behind on multiple occasions in areas where they should have been the leading social platform. On top of that, Twitter has made a few key decisions over the years like pulling the plug on popular third-party apps that seem to go completely against what all of their users want.

Trying to Get Back to Basics

At the end of 2016, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey used his account to solicit feedback from users about the changes and improvements they want to see over the next year. Not surprisingly, being able to edit tweets is a request that came up quite a lot.

Since many users were requesting this feature, Dorsey replied to one of them and asked if it’s more important to be able to edit mistakes quickly or edit anytime. He then expanded on this topic by explaining that even though those features might seem quite similar, there’s actually a significant difference. The difference stems from the fact that Twitter is often the public record for many statements and issues, which means the ability to edit anytime would also require the platform to implement a change log.

How Editing On Twitter Would Work

Based on the statements that Dorsey made, it appears that the company is leaning towards giving users a five-minute window for editing their tweets. Not only would this require less technical resources from the company, but it seems like a good balance between giving people a chance to fix a mistake instead of requiring a tweet to be deleted, while still preserving the essence of what this platform has always been about.

In addition to shedding light on the issue of editing tweets, Dorsey also brought up two other issues. The first is giving users an easier way to save or bookmark things. And the other topic is combating harassment. While Dorsey did make it clear that Twitter has already taken steps to fight harassment, he also stated that it remains a priority for the company.

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