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10 Reasons That Prove Email Marketing Should Be Your Top Priority

10 Reasons That Prove Email Marketing Should Be Your Top Priority

08 August 2023 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

People tend to think email marketing does not get the same attention as social media. However, what people don’t realize is it proves to be one of the most effective direct means of growing your business. Learn 10 Reasons That Prove Email Marketing Should Be Your Top Priority:

1. Email Use
With over 3.2 billion email accounts in the world today, 95% of the world’s population have direct access and 91% check their emails at least once a day. Email is an integral part of our daily lives and no one can really quit emailing.

2. Reach
The idea of reach for email is completely different than Social Media. For social networking, reach refers to the number of followers and likes who have seen your message. With email reach is determined by whether the person has opened it or not. Research shows 18% of emails are blocked and 4% are delivered to the junk or spam folder. However, on Facebook 74% of the messages are missed. Therefore email proves to be more reliable.

3. Life Span
75% of Facebook posts last around 2 hours while the life of a tweet is just 5 minutes. However, an email stays in your inbox and even if you want to delete it – it requires an additional action.

4. Return on Investment
As per the Email Marketing Benchmark Report of 2013, 60% of marketers stated that email marketing produces ROI. For every $1, the standard return on email marketing is $44.24.

5. Analytics
Email has set up solid metrics that have served as the standard for many years. Open Rates, Unsubscribes and Growth can be easily tracked with sales and profits. With a simple formula, you can determine the value of your email subscribers.

6. Engagement
People don’t usually talk about email and engagement in the same sentence. However, emails are excellent engagement vehicles and can serve as a two-way street. Best practice is not to send emails with a no-reply address. Be sure you make it easy for your customers to communicate with you.

7. Integration
The best part is that social media and email are friends. Many services allow you to post your email messages out to various social networks. This connection is great for business growth and helps in establishing cross-platform initiatives.

8. Promotional
Around 77% of people prefer to get promotional content via email while only 4% prefer it via Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is viewed as a platform for establishing connections and to interact with family and friends. Emails are perceived differently, mainly due to its privacy and simplicity. In a recent survey, 70% of recipients stated that they have used discounts and promotional coupons received in promotional emails.

9. Mobility
Litmus stated that 66% of Gmail inboxes are accessed via mobile phones. A major number of transactions will be done online, and mobile email amounts to 13% of it. Smart marketers have learned how to embrace email and carve out a whole new channel to promote their products.

10. Personalization
Email has the power to send promotional content to hundreds of people at one time while still maintaining the same standards of personalization.

In conclusion, Email marketing has proven to be a networking channel that can truly help you establish a valued relationship between you and your subscriber.

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