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4 Powerful Tips for Writing Landing Pages That Convert Leads

4 Powerful Tips for Writing Landing Pages That Convert Leads

19 July 2022 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

There are lots of statistics floating around about the shortness of the average Internet user’s attention span. Plenty of businesses make the assumption that people don’t actually read the copy that’s written on landing pages. Although it’s not difficult to see why they make that assumption, landing page studies show that people not only read this copy, but it has a significant impact on whether or not they complete the desired call to action. 4 Powerful Tips for Writing Landing Pages That Convert Leads:

What businesses overlook when they assume people don’t read landing page copy is that there’s a difference between browsing behavior and searching behavior. If someone is just jumping around the Internet to waste time, they probably aren’t going to spend more than a few seconds reading what’s in front of them before clicking to a different page. But if they’re online because they want to accomplish something, reading will play a central part in that process. That’s why understanding your website’s Conversion Optimization is so important.

What is Conversion Optimization? Stop “guessing” what is working, conversion optimization is an improvement process that boosts your conversion rate and helps you get more leads and sales from existing traffic. Conversions can be defined as any action taken on your website that has value to your business such as leads, signups, sales, donations, phone calls etc.

Because people who are in searching mode are actually the ones you should care about, it is worth your time and effort to understand your Conversation rates and write great landing page copy. If you agree with that statement but aren’t sure how to go about writing the type of copy you know you need, here are four tips to help you out:

Use Personas 

It’s important to get into the mindset of the type of visitor that you want to convert into a prospect or customer. There are two reasons this is important. First, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the way you connect with someone who’s been a professional for two decades is going to be different than how you want to talk to someone who just graduated from college.

Second, getting into the mindset of the type of person you want to target prior to doing any writing will significantly improve the overall quality of the landing page. By focusing on that persona, you’ll think of important additions to your landing page that you may have otherwise overlooked.

Make Your Value Statements Clear

Don’t make your landing page visitors guess what kind of value your email newsletter, product or service can provide to them. Instead, write copy that explains exactly what they’re going to get out of doing business with you.  Ask yourself – what problems can I solve for this person? What are the benefits of my service? Be sure to write content that conveys these points and gets them thinking “yes” I need to proceed with this solution or “yes” I want to learn more.

Do A/B Conversion Optimization Testing

Test multiple landing pages and track analytics to determine which one converts the most leads. The idea is to optimize your landing pages until you get one that Editing your landing page copy isn’t just about catching grammatical mistakes. It’s also about cutting out fluff that isn’t going to help persuade readers to take the action you want. By sending traffic to one page and a portion to another we’re able to test strategic changes to your website. This enables us to effectively and continually elevate your conversion rate and take the guesswork out of your marketing.

Install Google Analytics

Be sure to install Google Analytics on your entire website so you can best understand your visitor’s intentions. This way you can establish key performance indicators (KPI’s) to track and analyze your visitors actions and monitor your conversion performance in real-time.

Summary: Poor conversion rates (2% or less) are sometimes referred to as “average”. You don’t have to settle for average. Using conversion optimization strategies, can boost your conversion rate and help you win more customers with your existing traffic. Simply put, a website with a high conversion rate will convert advertising dollars into bigger profits.

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