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5 Tips for Social Media Content Creation

5 Tips for Social Media Content Creation

16 March 2013 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

5 Tips for Social Media Content Creation

1) Be relevant. Make sure you have a good mix of content types. For example, call-to-actions with non commercial posts, contests, industry news etc. 80% of your content has to focus on your fans’ needs and interests and 20% should promote your brand.

2) Be different. Mix your blog posts up with videos, regular status updates, photos, polls, etc.

3) Be careful with your posting strategy. Be sure the content you are posting makes sense for the social network. You may confuse a Google+ follower by asking them to like your post.

4) Be current. You will quickly be coined as an ‘old fashioned brand’ if serving up old content.

5) Be grateful. Put your fans in the spotlight from time to time. Share customer success stories, user generated content and/or give a shout out to your fans.

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