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Does Cold Calling Generate Leads

Does Cold Calling Generate Leads?

10 November 2019 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

If you’re looking to boost your sales and help grow your business, conventional wisdom may lead you to believe that cold calling is the best approach for generating leads. While cold calling may have been the traditional approach to acquiring new clients and generating sales, studies show that this practice is ineffective and obsolete.

According to the Harvard Business Review, cold calling is ineffective 90 percent of the time. The success rate of this approach is steadily declining as recent studies show that only 2 percent of cold calls actually result in a meeting. Based on these numbers, a successful sales person with 0.3 percent booking rate and a win rate of 20 percent would have to make 6,264 calls to make just four sales!

So what’s the best strategy for your business to drive sales that provides the best return on investment?

Generate Better Leads with Social Media Management, Not Cold Calling

Unlike the impersonal nature of cold calls, social media provides businesses with the opportunity to better engage clients and customers through personalized, authentic experiences creating stronger, long-lasting connections. Marketing through social media allows you to create targeted content designed to attract quality leads and appeal directly to the customer’s interests. These interactions help you identify your ideal buyer profile, allowing you to gain valuable insight into potential prospects and the opportunity to create a loyal following.

Save Time and Get Results with Web Strategy Plus

Managing your business’s social media is no easy task, and without the right approach can be time consuming and expensive. At Web Strategy Plus, we’re here to help you save time and money, helping you get the most out of your social media. Our highly skilled social media community managers will create a personalized strategy that will help you grow your business by identifying your target audiences and creating content that speaks to their needs.

Our targeted marketing strategies feature proven approaches designed to optimize your customer engagement including targeted social media posts, hashtag content creation, building Twitter lead lists, blog creation and more. You’ll quickly see the benefits of putting your social media in the hands of experts and with monthly optimization, we’ll help you to continue developing new engagement strategies so you see long-term results.

When you’re ready to grow your business, optimize audience engagement and increase conversions, contact us for a free consultation and learn more about how social media management can work for you. For more tips to grow your business, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and SlideShare.

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