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5 Essential Tips for Designing A Perfect Mobile Website

22 February 2016 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

Designing a mobile website is a daunting task. Don’t worry; you are not alone when dealing with this problem!Currently, there are a lot of ways to help you design the perfect mobile website. Successful mobile websites mean visitors can conveniently access your company online and decide about making a purchase.

Here are five killer tips you should focus on while designing and/or developing a mobile website:

Speed matters a lot for your visitors, users expect a website to load within 3 seconds on their mobile phones. Therefore, one should ensure that their mobile website has the best loading speed and navigation structure for loading information. It’s important that mobile viewers can easily reach your most important businesses information with easy navigation. Before you publish your website, ensure that all links are working and that users do not need to scroll through your website to search information. Having a compact and straightforward navigation menu will be appreciated by your visitors. The more they have to scroll, the more interest they’ll lose and get annoyed!

For mobile websites, try to use a simple color and layout themes. It’s better to go for pre-set templates. With MoFuse, you can get an idea about what works. Dark background with light font color or vice-versa; these are the most common formulas. Colors must not distract the visitors from text. The colors shouldn’t strain the eyes of the readers.

Mobile screens vary in size depending on the device they are using. It’s most important to use texts that are readable. One thing is certain – mobile web users love speed! So, after choosing the correct color palette, it is necessary to choose a font-size that is clear and readable. The font-size should be large enough on phones to not annoy the readers. Make your default font size at least 14px.

It’s a fact; people are addicted to social media! So be sure to give your visitors a chance to share content from your website. By sharing to their social media webpages they will give your company better publicity. Linking your mobile website to major social platforms is a very-important step. It helps to enhance your search ranking and social proof! Ensure that you have options on your mobile website for “Likes”, “Shares” and “Comments”.

Place the most significant info at the top. Every website has a unique purpose so it’s important to make this clear to your visitors. The contact details should be made easily available and be within the top section of your website. This will help to improve sales and is a very important step to be sure your visitors understand your company and its purpose. This will also help in attracting your target audience.

These were the five most killer mobile website development tips. When followed perfectly they will help mobile website owners generate sales and branding awareness!

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