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Google’s New Rule: Will Your Website Pass the Test? Mobile-First Indexing

Google’s New Rule: Will Your Website Pass the Test? Mobile-First Indexing

29 December 2020 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

There’s one thing that always stays the same: Google never stops changing. As of March 2021, Google will institute a new priority: mobile-first indexing.

What Is Mobile-First Indexing?

Mobile-first indexing means that Google will use the mobile version of your website — instead of the desktop version — to determine indexing and ranking. So the better your website performs on mobile, the higher your website will rank in search results.

Traditionally Google search ranking was based on how well a website performed on a desktop. Google always said mobile mattered, but now it is all-in. Search rankings will be prioritized by mobile-first. If you have a website that doesn’t work well on mobile, it won’t get ranked when this new rule kicks in. It’s important to make sure your website is ready. Here’s what you should do:

Take the Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google offers this free tool to test how easily a visitor can access and use your page from a mobile device. Simply enter your website URL into the field and click the “Test URL” button. In a few seconds, you can determine if your web page is mobile-friendly if there were any issues, and additional resources for more information. It will also show you a screenshot of how your website appears on mobile.

Check your site speed

Your website should load in as little as three seconds if you want to rank well in Google. You can check your site speed using a free tool from GTmetrix. Enter your URL into the field and click the “test your site” button. GTmetrix will give your website a “GTmetrix grade” —A through F, just like in school—reveal how your site performs, list any issues, and identify optimization opportunities.

Evaluate your site on a mobile device

Check out your website as a new visitor would. How does your content look on the device? Is the text easy to read? Are the links and navigation clickable? A mobile-friendly website has a responsive design, which means the content adjusts to match the screen size. Check your website on different sized mobile devices, including tablets, to make sure your site looks like you want it to.

If your website didn’t perform well on these tests, or if you have any questions about mobile-first indexing, we can help. Web Strategy Plus has experience building websites that are optimized for SEO and mobile and desktop usage. We keep up with Google’s algorithm changes and ensure you are using ethical and effective strategies that provide organic reach now and in the future. We’re a one-stop-shop, handling full-service digital marketing needs to drive more leads to your business. Schedule a free consultation today to learn how we can ensure your website is ready to perform well with Google’s new mobile-first indexing.

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