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How to Embed Tweets on Your Website and Why You Should

How to Embed Tweets on Your Website and Why You Should

31 October 2013 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

One of the reasons that Twitter has grown to a massive platform with over 200 million active users is because they’ve made it fairly easy for people to use data that’s generated through the site in other ways. For example, developers have used tweets to create all kinds of websites, including ones that show what’s trending around different parts of the globe. And although Twitter has made some changes about how popular apps that use tons of data can access it, for businesses who simply want to show off what customers are saying about them, embedding tweets on a website is easier than ever. Learn how to Embed Tweets on your Website and why you should:

Why are embedded Tweets important? Because tweets provide an excellent form of social proof. While static testimonials with names and pictures can significantly increase a site’s conversion rate, what’s even more trustworthy are recent comments made by a Twitter user with an active profile. When visitors to your site see that kind of proof, they’ll know that there are real people who have positive things to say about the products or services your business sells.

If you want to embed a single tweet on your site, simply navigate to it, click the “More” link and then click the option that says “Embed Tweet”. This will provide some HTML code that you can copy and paste into the relevant section of your own website.

You can also embed a stream of tweets. For example, if you want to show what people are saying about your business, search for the username of your own account or your business. You can then follow the same steps outlined above to embed that live stream of tweets anywhere on your own website.

Now that you’ve seen just how easy it is to embed tweets, here are a few other ways to use this cool feature:

-If you’re writing a blog post and want to cite a statistic or quote someone shared in a tweet, you can just link to that tweet. However, if you not only want to maximize credibility but also add some nice eye candy to your post, directly embedding the tweet is an even better option.

-Because Twitter makes it easy to embed the results of a search, if you have a blog post that’s been talked about quite a bit on Twitter, search for its URL and then embed that search directly in the post to encourage even more discussion about it.

-Holding an event that you want to promote? By using a hashtag for the event, you can embed the results of that hashtag search on your site so visitors can see all the things that are being said about your event on Twitter.

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