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How to Produce High Quality Content People Will Share

How to Produce High Quality Content People Will Share

09 March 2013 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

Are you looking to create high quality content people will share? Ask yourself, would I share this? Better yet, you can ask someone in your target audience what they’re interested in learning more about. If your content is deemed useful, inspirational or entertaining it’s going to get shared — and if it’s really good, it can spread like wildfire. Be sure you define a clear purpose for each piece of content you produce and stay focused.

Pay attention to where you send someone when they click on a link. Be sure you are only linking to relevant content. Identify industry experts and let them know you are spreading the word about them. In most cases they’d be more than happy to share your story! Don’t be afraid to ask them to link to your content. This will keep visitors on your site, and extend the shelf life of previous material.

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