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Proven Ways to Increase Your Email Clickthrough Rates

16 December 2014 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]


Whether it’s your weekly newsletter or an email announcing a special promotion, the goal of most of the emails your business sends out is to get the recipients to click a link in the email and then take a specific action on your website.

The first step in this process is getting as many recipients as possible to open the marketing emails you send. Since there’s plenty of free information online about how to write great email subject lines, this post is going to focus on how to get people to click a link once they’ve opened your email.

Regardless of how well your current marketing emails are performing in terms of clickthroughs, here are seven different ways to increase that important metric:

Have a Clear Goal for Every Email

Before you write and send a marketing email, be sure you know how you want it to help your business. By setting a clear goal, you’ll have a much easier time crafting a compelling email that naturally motivates people to click the links you include in it.

Include Buttons

The effectiveness of buttons isn’t limited to landing or checkout pages. Because people are used to clicking buttons online, seeing one in an email is a more interesting target to click than a standard text link.

Properly Time Followups

If you send emails based on specific actions that prospects or customers take, make sure they’re timed properly. For example, if you’re sending a coupon to encourage a second purchase, you should analyze when a customer is most likely to buy and then send this email accordingly.

Experiment with Video

Even though it’s not going to make sense to include video content with every email you send, creating a video and then including a click here to watch video in certain emails can definitely persuade more people to click through.

Put Your Link in Multiple Locations

Since people may scan and scroll through your email without reading the whole thing, be sure that you include the link you want recipients to click in multiple locations throughout the email.

Avoid Clutter

A common reason that business don’t get as many clickthroughs as they would like is because their email template contains too many distracting elements. By taking a careful look at your email designs and eliminating elements that don’t directly support your email marketing goals, you can attract more clickthroughs.

Provide a Clear Reason to Click

Although it may sound too simple to be effective, giving people a clear and motivating reason to click a link works very well for increasing clickthroughs.

If you’re so busy that your business isn’t doing as much email marketing as you would like, get in touch with Web Strategy Plus to discuss how we can help by optimizing and managing your email marketing.

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