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SEO Game Changer – Twitter and Google Finally Agree to a Search Deal

SEO Game Changer – Twitter and Google Finally Agree to a Search Deal

27 May 2015 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]


Once Twitter started taking off back in 2009 and 2010, there was a lot of speculation about how their platform would affect Google. Over the years, speculation has ranged from tweets becoming a leading SEO factor to Google actually buying the company.

While there have been plenty of signs that point towards correlations between content that performs well on Twitter doing the same in Google rankings, there have continued to be obstacles for Google to fully utilize all of the new data that is created on Twitter.

Specifically, Google had to use their bots to crawl through this massive amount of data. As a result, Google was only able to include a portion of Twitter’s total data in search results. However, as of today, the two companies have officially struck a deal to show tweets in Google search results.

The Details of the Deal

Over the last couple of years, there have been several examples of Twitter limiting apps’ access to their platform. In some cases, they have actually banned apps from the platform despite them being very popular.

Because of those actions, some industry experts were skeptical about Twitter and Google ever coming to terms on working together. But based on this deal, it looks like Twitter may be taking a different approach to business.

While engineers from both companies are still working to implement this change, the result will be tweets showing up in Google search results as soon as they’re published. As you may have already realized, this means that Twitter activity is likely to have a direct impact on search engine visibility.

The most surprising component of this deal is that no advertising revenue is involved. Instead, it’s believed that Twitter will be compensated in the form of data-licensing revenue.

The Easiest Way to Harness Social Media for Your Business

Although we’re well past the stage of most businesses viewing social media as a trend, that doesn’t mean it’s become any easier to fully harness the marketing power of these platforms.

In fact, as social media platforms have grown, matured and become more complex, it’s gotten more difficult for businesses to find the time and resources to dedicate to these channels.

Since this deal is yet another clear reminder of the influence that social media has on the entire Internet, it can be frustrating to realize that your business isn’t fully utilizing social media. However, things don’t have to remain that way.

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