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Top 5 Tips For a Perfect Web Design

18 December 2013 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

All website owners love to have a beautiful and well-designed website. It requires a lot of thought and hard work but it is not impossible. So what are the secrets of great web designers?

The perfect way to a killer web design is actually very easy – you just need to follow the universal do’s and don’ts and understand them. Learn the top 5 tips for a perfect Web Design:

Here is a short set of rules to designing a perfect website –

Understand the Basic Design Rules:

Understand the Basic Design Rules

The best way to design a good website, as said by Ryan Shafer,is to remember that the website is actually an organized bunch of text. He says that “Web is all about typography design.” Almost 5,000 years have been spent trying to make text designing perfect. Here are some golden rules adhered by all websites –
For Headlines:
• Make them search engine friendly and bold
• San-Serif Typefaces are perfect for titles because they are large, readable and stark
For Body:
• Text Designers opt for Serif Typeface
• Keep the font-size large and 16 px (minimum)
• The lines should be 45 to 65 characters

Select a Concrete Typeface with a Personal Touch:

Select a Concrete Typeface with a Personal Touch

Helvetica is most loved by designers when it comes to the selection of font-face. The font selected, must offer attributessuch as readability,personality and branding. Other famous choices are Proxima Nova, Merriweather Sans and Montserrat.

Select a 3 Color Palette!

Select a 3ColorPalette

The key to selecting a color palette is to choose one that fits with your brand personality andstickingwith it. To create an organized color palette for your website, consistency is crucial.Mike Fortress, Web-Designer at the Oak Studios, prefers a neutral color palette which uses strong accent colors in a bold manner. White backgrounds with too-dark typography and strong color accent – is appreciated!Be sure to check Abode’s killer designing tools for selecting your color palette or to get inspired by the palette collections at the Colour Lovers community!

Crop Photos, Perfectly:

Crop Photos, Perfectly

It is crucial to make sure images on your website are the right size. Websites are always pixel based! So if your photographs are not large and clear enough then they will look slightly pixelated. When you search for your website images on iStock, ensure that you select the perfect size or crop it – don’t go images that are too small!The clarity of your images adds professionalism and credibility to your website design, so be sure to do it right!

Give Your Website Plenty of Space!

Give Your Website Plenty of Space

This is the simplest but most important web designing tip – ensure that your content has enough breathing space with proper margins that can improve focus and readability.It is very important to avoid unnecessary text. Too much text on a website can really turn visitors off!Content is essential; so, make sure that you may break it into readable and interesting paragraphs along with visible sub headings. You can make the best use of images and icons as an alternative medium to communicate your thought and points.

So, if there’s 1 golden universal rule for designing a website then it is this – select your aesthetic and visuals and stick with it! The best key to a good web design is consistency!

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