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Useful Web Designing Tools To Quickly Wireframe A Website’s Layout

22 May 2014 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]


There are a lot of web design tools on the Internet. While many fall into the nice but not necessary category, there are a few that most designers consider essential. A wireframing tool is generally one that’s thought of as essential. Even if you plan on having someone else take care of the actual design process for you, a wireframing tool is a great way to get your thoughts out of your head and onto the screen so you can share your vision with others.

Since this type of tool is so useful, let’s take a look at ten of the best options that are available:

This tool is specifically designed to make it super easy to get your ideas onto the screen. This means you’ll be able to work both faster and smarter. And Balsamiq also has plenty of features that make sharing with others a breeze.Visit Website Or Download From Chrome Web Store

If you want a tool that covers things like flowcharts and sitemaps in addition to wireframes, you won’t be disappointed by the functionality that Lovely Charts has to offer.Visit Website Or Download From Chrome Web Store

Grids and columns, all the UI elements you need, multiple pages, fully web-based, export to PDF and PNG, smart text sizing, and easy collaboration are just a few of the features this tool has to offer.Visit Website Or Download From Chrome Web Store

As with Lovely Charts, Cacoo is not only great for making wireframes, but also for tasks like creating a detailed flowchart.Visit Website Or Download From Chrome Web Store

Want to take your wireframing to the next level by creating something that’s interactive? Then this is the tool that you’ll want to spend your time using. Because it has so many features, Axure is a popular web design company choice.Visit Website Or Download From Chrome Web Store

What’s nice about Gliffy is the team behind it has put a lot of time into making it dead simple to drag and drop any elements that you need to use.Visit Website Or Download From Chrome Web Store

Because it’s based in the cloud, you can access and use Pidoco from any computer that has an Internet connection. It’s also a very flexible tool that let’s you create simple layouts, complicated wireframes or anything in between.Visit Website Or Download From Chrome Web Store

If you want a tool that combines wireframing with web design templates, InDesign fits the bill. While it may actually be a little overwhelming for novice users, for those who crave lots of power and features, it’s pretty hard to beat.Download Link

For people who aren’t totally comfortable with design but do have experience using Word or Excel, this tool will provide an experience that’s familiar and easy to grasp.Download Link

While ten options may seem like a lot, the reason they’re all worth covering is because everyone thinks and works differently. So as with other types of website design tools, the one that’s best for one person may not be ideal for another. By having this many different choices, you can play around with a few until you find the one that’s perfect for your workflow.

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