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One of the reasons search engine optimization is so challenging is because it’s a tactic that’s always changing. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, here are the SEO tips and tricks you need to know for 2015: Continue reading

email click through rates

Whether it’s your weekly newsletter or an email announcing a special promotion, the goal of most of the emails your business sends out is to get the recipients to click a link in the email and then take a specific action on your website. Continue reading

business infographics

Whether it’s through your business or personal social media profiles, you’ve probably seen countless infographics over the years. The reason that infographics are so popular on social media is because they possess multiple traits. Those traits include being attractive, grabbing attention, providing educational value and expressing creativity. Continue reading

7 SEO Facts Business Owners Must Keep In Mind

If you want your website to rank well in Google, it’s important to understand the basic realities of search engine optimization. Although SEO is a very broad subject, its most important components can be distilled into seven key facts:

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PPC Advertising Needs to Be Part of Your Online Toolbox

There are two common misconceptions about PPC advertising. The first is that it’s too expensive for anyone but members of the Fortune 500. While it is true that blindly diving into PPC can be an expensive mistake, as long as you enlist professional guidance, this form of advertising can provide an attractive ROI for a budget of almost any size. Continue reading

Tips To Survive The Ever-Changing Facebook Algorithm

One of the biggest challenges of social media marketing is the constantly changing landscape of sites like Facebook. While it’s clear that social media is now a key component of the Internet and is here to stay, that doesn’t change the fact that individual sites are continuously changing everything from design elements to their core functionality. Continue reading

Find The Right Twitter Influencers

When marketers talk about the power of Twitter, what they’re really talking about is the power of people. One of the key lessons of Twitter training for business is that you need to use this platform to target the right people. Although you can drive a lot of traffic without the right targeting, the majority of that traffic isn’t going to be people who are likely to become customers. Continue reading

10 Core Web Development Skills Every Developer Must Know
Web development skills are very in demand right now. Whether you’re in the process of learning how to be a developer or you are an experienced developer who wants to keep your skills as marketable as possible, here are the ten most important things to know:

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5 Best Practices To Turn Your Twitter Follower Into Business Leads

If you’re using Twitter for business, you likely want your Twitter activity to generate new leads. While there are other reasons that using Twitter can be beneficial to your business, it’s definitely possible to translate this activity directly into targeted leads. To make that happen, here are the five most important strategies to follow:

Have a Clear Funnel

One of the most common mistakes that businesses make is diving into using Twitter for business without first creating an optimized sales funnel. When businesses assume that people are going to find them on Twitter and then make a purchase, they end up being disappointed with their results. Since Twitter business marketing usually involves reaching people earlier in the buying process, you need a funnel that can properly nurture those leads.

Eliminate Conversion Obstacles

The best way to take someone from just a Twitter follower to a lead is to get them on your email list. To maximize the likelihood of that happening, be sure to remove any obstacles that may currently exist in the conversion path. Whether it’s a form that’s not prominently displayed or a weird message that comes up after someone hits the submit button, be sure to test your process so you can identify and fix any bugs. You should do the same for the conversion path that leads up to someone making a purchase.

Know the Value of Soft Leads

Just because someone isn’t ready to make a purchase in the next few hours or days doesn’t mean they’re not a quality lead. Soft leads who are interested in your business but not currently in buying mode can still be very beneficial. The key to making the most of the soft leads you attract with your social media marketing strategy is to have the right processes in place to build a relationship with them.

Take a Different Approach to Social Media Leads

This ties directly into the previous best practice. A common mistake is to begin aggressively pitching subscribers shortly after they sign up for an email list. Since that’s going to lead to more unsubscribes than purchases, a better approach is to consistently provide value. By sending out emails on a regular basis that people really want to open, they’ll be primed when the right opportunity comes for you to pitch a sale.

Track and Adjust

It’s worth your time to at least outline the Twitter marketing strategy you plan to follow. But while that will give you a good starting point, it’s not something that needs to be set in stone. Since the best approach to Twitter business marketing is one that adapts over time, you should regularly review how well your efforts are performing and use this data to help guide any adjustments that need to be made.

By following these Twitter optimization strategies we covered, not only will you be able to use this social network to increase awareness about your business, but you’ll also be able to bring in new potential customers on a consistent basis.

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6 Crucial Tactics for Pleasant Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design makes it possible for a website to look and function just as well on a mobile device as it does a desktop computer. Responsive design accomplishes this goal by combining a flexible grid, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries & screen resolutions. The consistency created by responsive design offers the best possible experience to users.

As with any type of web design, it’s important to follow best practices in order to create a great responsive site. Here are the six most important responsive design guidelines to follow:

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