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6 Secrets for Better Web Application Development

22 August 2014 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]


Advances in web development have completely changed the way that applications can be delivered to users. Instead of needing to download or install anything, users can simply log into a web application and begin using it within seconds.

While this capability has made it much easier for people to start using the types of apps that they need for work and personal purposes, easier access to apps doesn’t guarantee a better experience. In order to create the best experience when people start using an app and continue doing so, there are some important rules that need to be followed.

If you want your web app to make users happy and continue attracting more, here are the six web application development secrets you need to know:

1. Use Tooltips

Of all the web development tools that are available, it’s hard to overemphasize the usefulness of tooltips. Although tooltips may seem like a minor element of a web app, they can go a long way towards creating a great experience.

2. Don’t Assume Users Will Remember

One of the biggest mistakes that web app developers make is assuming that users will remember specific pieces of information. While some probably will, a good app doesn’t make this a requirement. Instead, it provides as much information as necessary so a user always knows where they are in the app. A quality app should also take care of automatically filling in relevant information for users.

3. Consider Providing Multiple Options

In some cases, limiting options is the best way to provide a great experience to users. But in others, it makes sense to provide multiple options. For example, it’s nice when an image can be uploaded by either dragging it or going through the file browser to identify it.

4. Use Modal Popups Sparingly

The reason that modal popups are useful is because they force a user to pay attention to exactly what you want. While that can be very helpful when there’s information that you absolutely need to communicate to users, the problem is plenty of apps overuse this feature. As a result, the popups not only lose their effectiveness, but they also cause many users to feel frustrated.

5. Make Status Messages Useful

For many apps, there are certain actions that simply require a little extra time to complete. While it may not be possible to reduce the amount of time needed, it is possible to reduce users’ perception of how long it takes. The key to doing this is making sure that status messages communicate genuinely useful information. By taking that approach instead of using a single generic word, you’ll get users’ attention and ultimately speed up how long it feels like the app action takes to load.

6. Understand How to Utilize Scrolling

A common concern with mobile website development is the smaller screen. But just because it is good practice to put key information at the top of an app doesn’t mean that scrolling has to be an issue. As long as you grab users’ attention and give them a compelling reason to scroll down, that’s exactly what they will do.

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