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PPC Advertising Needs to Be Part of Your Online Toolbox

PPC Advertising Needs to Be Part of Your Online Toolbox

08 January 2024 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

There are two common misconceptions about PPC advertising. The first is that it’s too expensive for anyone but members of the Fortune 500. While it is true that blindly diving into PPC can be an expensive mistake, as long as you enlist professional guidance, this form of advertising can provide an attractive ROI for a budget of almost any size.

The second big misconception is you have to choose either PPC or SEO. In reality, these two methods can complement each other really well. Whether you’ve got a new site or have just now decided to start investing in SEO, organic traffic takes time to build. So instead of getting impatient, you can use PPC to start getting traffic now. And even once the organic traffic does start flowing, you can continue using PPC for things like deciding which terms are worth investing in with SEO.

So now that we’ve cleared up those misconceptions, let’s take a look at some of the other big benefits PPC advertising can bring to the table:

Easy to Measure

One of the reasons plenty of businesses are hesitant to utilize certain forms of advertising is because it’s very difficult to track their results. A scenario that’s actually fairly common is for a business to invest quite a bit in advertising and experience a boost, only to later discover that boost came from a different source.

What’s nice about pay per click advertising is there’s no ambiguity about where your money is going. You’ll be able to see the exact results you get for every PPC dollar you spend. With even basic analytics, you’ll be able to view information like how many people clicked, what they did on your site, and if they took an action like signing up for your email list. And with a slightly more sophisticated platform, you can even track activity from PPC users who ultimately convert after visiting your site several times.

Immediately Scale Up or Down

Unlike other forms of advertising, PPC doesn’t require a big upfront commitment. Instead, you get to enjoy a very elastic budget. You can start fairly small, and then once you see that something is working quite well, quickly scale up.

Extremely Good Targeting

Although national advertising makes sense for big brands, it’s a waste for any business that only targets a specific area. Another appealing aspect of PPC advertising is you don’t have to waste money on people who are outside of the area you serve. Instead, the traffic you drive can be restricted to only those who have a high likelihood of becoming a customer.

While it’s easy to see why PPC is so appealing, as mentioned at the start of this post, a misguided strategy can be expensive. If you want to ensure that your campaigns and budget are on the right track from the first day you start using this form of advertising, give us a call at 1-877-224-0478 to discuss how we can help create and manage your PPC efforts.

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