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8 Proven Content Marketing Strategies to Drive Real Results

8 Proven Content Marketing Strategies to Drive Real Results

28 July 2013 By Web Strategy Plus [post_view]

If you want to start utilizing content marketing to drive real results for your business. Learn the 8 proven content marketing strategies to drive real results:

1) Create at least one company board on Pinterest that you update on a regular basis. Depending on your specific business, it may make sense to create several different boards around a variety of topics.

2) Use your existing marketing content to create a webinar. Hosting one will give you an opportunity for one-on-one interaction with potential customers.

3) Whenever your business does something that you consider newsworthy, be sure to let the world know by issuing a press release. This strategy is especially effective when you’re able to tie your own news to a popular current event.

4) Run a promotion on Facebook. If you want to cast the widest net possible, utilize one of Facebook’s paid channels to maximize the size of your audience.

5) Use your LinkedIn profile to share content from some of your other social presences. And if you have employees who are social media savvy, ask them to do the same.

6) Upload at least one YouTube video a month. Even if they’re only a minute long, videos are great for both SEO benefits and overall engagement.

7) Get active on StumbleUpon. While the majority of the content you share should be from other sources, if you want to promote one of your own posts, consider trying out their paid advertising program.

8) Compile some of your best content into a series of emails. Then add a free signup box to your website. Even though email may not seem as exciting as social media, it’s actually a very effective channel for content marketing.

General Tips

One of the main goals of content marketing is to produce and share pieces of content that other people are not only going to notice, but also want to spread through their own networks. As a result, content that’s blatantly self-promotional rarely does as well as content that’s fully focused on being as informative, entertaining or useful as possible.

Even though it can be tempting to directly spread the word about your business, if you focus your content marketing efforts around maximizing the information, entertainment and usefulness that you share, you’ll find that you get significantly better results.

The other biggest tip to keep in mind is to always optimize content for its intended distribution channel. For example, if you want to focus on Pinterest, be sure that the content you’re sharing is very visual in nature.

Tie Everything Together

While some businesses have completely abandoned their websites in favor of only having a presence on social media sites, that generally isn’t the best approach to take. Instead, it’s better to utilize each site as a marketing channel that feeds back to your main website. And since you want to share your own content in addition to promoting content from other users that is interesting and relevant to your industry, having an active blog on your site will allow you to maximize the results you generate from content marketing.

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